A new video, my “Why” List, and a messy studio.


It’s amazing how I can’t get the song “Fly Me To The Moon” out of my head. It is such a popular song, although I didn’t really learn it until recently. I’ve added it to my set list to do with a full band without me playing guitar, but today I was rehearsing it on guitar and made a quick video. You can check it out on my RLW You Tube page.


Even though my studio is quite messy, I do have one wall that acts as a place of inspiration. It’s where I add items such as photos, art, and motivational sayings. I got a bit side-tracked over the last couple of weeks with working on putting together this new vintage jazz ensemble, so I made a “WHY” list, which outlined what compelled me to start doing it in the first place. I wrote it out really fast, without thinking. I love that the first thing I wrote was “Because it’s fun”.


  1. Because it’s fun
  2. Because of the outfits, make-up, and SHOES (the dressing up, finding vintage outfits)
  3. Because of the performance aspect (did I mention I studied musical theater in a former life?)
  4. Because of the drama (how it brings out the former theater performer in me)
  5. Because it comes easy
  6. Because of the cultural history/significance (how the songs represent cultural movements in American history)
  7. Because it’s a part of me I forgot about (did I mention that I studied jazz in a former life?)
  8. Because it can be lucrative
  9. Because people have asked for it (literally)
  10. Because it challenges my skills (sight-reading, transcribing, vocal range and strength) 
  11. Because I will grow (how could I not?)

As I’ve mentioned before, I end up working all over the inside and outside of my house. This weekend, I started working on transcriptions of new jazz standards in my studio but then quickly moved myself to my living room and backyard. They can be lovely sun drenched spots, which is why I probably favor them. Will I ever give my studio the attention it needs? One day, yes, but not today.

That’s all folks. I hope you have a great week. I’ll see you on the flip side.


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