Hi. Welcome to my site. I am a Songwriter, Vocalist, Event Producer, and Talent Consultant living in Hudson Valley, New York. I write folk-country-indie songs. I also write lullabies. I also lead and sing in a jazz band. I like to make 7 layer cakes. I obsessively read self-improvement books but wish I would read more novels. I love vintage cars and hope to own one and learn the mechanical skills needed to work on it one day. Since Covid started, I have been learning to garden (yay, homegrown tomatoes!), bought my first home, have been brushing up on my music production skills to become a producer, have bought way too many new instruments, have played more Pokemon with my kid than one adult can handle, and have been taking better care of my health (minus the 7 layer cakes). I've recently have begun a live weekly show playing songs on Twitch. I am about to release a holiday song this fall. I've been attempting to learn cello. I've been experimenting with writing all computer based music. Click below to keep up with what I'm doing and get a free copy of my last EP "The Singles"!