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A little about me...I am a Songwriter, Vocalist, Event Producer, and Talent Consultant living in Hudson Valley, New York. I write folk-country-indie songs. I also write lullabies. I also lead and sing in a jazz band. I like to make 7 layer cakes. I obsessively read self-improvement books but wish I would read more novels. I love vintage cars and hope to own one and learn the mechanical skills needed to work on it one day. Since Covid started, I have been learning to garden (yay, homegrown tomatoes!), bought my first home, have been brushing up on my music production skills, have bought way too many new instruments, have played more Pokemon with my kid than one adult can handle, and have been taking better care of my health (minus the 7 layer cakes). I've been attempting to learn cello. I've been experimenting with writing all computer based music. I don't sleep enough. 

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