About Rachel


The Story
Spent most of my childhood in Florida.
Grew up with parents who worked in the music and advertising industries.
Worked as a child actress and voice-over artist in tv and radio commercials.
Spent some of my childhood summers in Missouri and West Virginia, just playing in the dirt.
Grew up around musicians who played southern rock. Ask me about Lynyrd Skynyrd sometime.
 Heard a ton of old-style country and top 40 around me.
Studied musical theatre in high school at The Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.
Started college in Florida as a jazz vocal performance major and minored in painting.
Left Florida for The Big Apple, where I would end up spending most of my adult life.
Studied jazz vocal performance in NYC at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music as well as Hunter College where I received an undergrad degree in vocal performance. 
After college, I experimented with playing all sorts of music including an alt-country group, an indie-rock trio, and all girl hardcore punk band.
Landed on working as a vocalist and songwriter in the Americana/Folk genre for many years.
Moved with my cat and my Jeep to Asheville, North Carolina to be part of the bluegrass and folk music scene.
Made some amazing friends and musicians. 
Met my future wife. Got my first dog. 
Moved back to New York City. I missed it too darned much.
Expanded my work life into being a creative talent recruiter for design and advertising companies. 
Won a song competition for a theme song for Brooklyn called "Please Come to Brooklyn". 
Started a songwriting project called The Ignition Lab with artist and songwriter Pantera Saint-Montaigne who is also does this amazing textile work at Brooklyn Mojo
Had a kid. Wow, had a kid. 
Wrote a BUNCH of lullabies.
Started a jazz ensemble called The Rosemary Jazz Band. 
Moved to California to work for Apple and Google to work as a creative marketing recruiter. 
Man I really enjoyed that sun in California, but I had to eventually get back to NYC because it's home for me, which is where I am now. 
I currently work as a freelance creative talent recruiter, singer/songwriter, and mamma. 
The Rachel Lee Walsh Band - Vocals, Guitar, Upright Bass, Violin, Pedal Steel
The Rosemary Jazz Band - Vocals, Guitar, Upright Bass, Clarinet/Trumpet

2012 Self-Released EP w/Full Band, “The Singles”
2009 Self-released solo EP, “She’s Not Waiting”
2004 Self-released solo EP, “Peasant Stock and Trash”